Key UX Challenges

Reducing contact time yet improving customer experience

I collected feedback from existing customers to find out how we could improve the current on-boarding experience.

  • Customers felt anxious about not knowing how long the process would take.
  • The customers were not aware who to contact when they had specific issues. They had one contact who didn’t know how to deal with all the questions they had, the process felt very long as it took a while for a little query to be resolved.
  • SourceChain offers services such a marketing, accounting and also supplies equipment. However, there isn’t a process to let SC know exactly what they require, which means when the customer requests services, the many requests can get lost in emails/phone calls etc. Meaning this is a lengthy process and leaves the customer anxious that they will not get part of their deal.

I also collected feedback from customer service at SourceChain to find out how they feel this process can be improved.

  • There are many requirements for a new business joining the group, and with all questions being asked over the phone this can take up a lot of their day. Many requests also need approval from other teams within the group, so there is a lot of back and forth to get an answer back to the customer.